2017-2018 Corporate Responsibility

Safety and Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to a culture of safety and environmental stewardship, and to the health and safety of everyone working with us.

We have made a commitment to align our safety and environmental stewardship with our business goals. As a guardian of our natural resource, we have a responsibility to do what’s right—not what’s easy. Newfield takes an action role in limiting and mitigating the impact of our processes and activities on the environment and communities where we operate.

Championed by the Safety, Environment and Regulatory Compliance (SERC) team and executed by the Operations team, our dedication to the highest level of environmental performance is the cornerstone of our CR reporting. Our efforts to promote the safety and health of our workforce and protect the environment, the communities and our assets are reflected in our performance results.  


Demonstrating Our Committment

Our SERC policy is a reflection of our values and our ongoing commitment to environmental performance and reporting. It is a plan that articulates our expectations for employees, contractors, partners and any others who may be involved in our operations. Click here to view our SERC Policy.


SERC Management Approach

Our SERC Management System helps us better manage risks and drives continuous performance improvements across the organization. The approach delivers systematic and repeatable safety, environmental and regulatory compliance outcomes with benefits that are far-reaching and promote a positive SERC culture. We continue to promote and endorse the system—emphasizing awareness, compliance and competency.

Annual Incentive Plan

Our 2018 Corporate Responsibility goals, which emphasize safety and environmental efforts, now comprise 12.5% of the total AIP award metrics for our executive officers. We include aspects of safety and environmental stewardship such as our total recordable incident rate, safety observations, contractor capabilities, air emissions, leak detection and repair, water recycling and our fluid spill rate. Additionally, CR and SERC metrics always have played a role in our employee review and promotion processes. See our 2018 proxy for more information.

Board Level Involvement

We have a Board-level liaison who provides guidance to our management on the CR process and its development. The Board liaison meets with the CR team periodically to discuss the latest updates and provide guidance on potential enhancements or modifications and keeps the Board apprised of our CR progress. Our leadership team works proactively with the Board on the CR process. We maintain CR accountability through programs, policies, systems, controls, stakeholder-relationship management and performance evaluations. Our Board is fully engaged and supports the Company’s commitment to sustainability throughout our operations.


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Page last updated on September 13, 2018