2017-2018 Corporate Responsibility

Regulatory Compliance

We work diligently to conduct our operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and apply best practices that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. We take proactive steps to identify, report and resolve potential incidents of non-compliance in cooperation with regulatory agencies.



We strive to ensure land is recovered and restored after drilling and completing a well. Our documented management approach, including procedures for restoring or remediating disturbed lands to pre-development conditions, is key to identifying and mitigating potential environmental impacts.


We continue to utilize multi-well pads to minimize our footprint and surface damage. The practice of placing several wells on one pad lessens our impact on land; minimizes the number of rig moves between pads; reduces truck traffic and the need for additional roads; decreases our operating costs; and lowers our effects on wildlife, the surrounding ecosystem and the communities in which we operate. In 2017, 116 of our wells were drilled from existing or multi-well pads, representing 65 percent of our total wells drilled during the year.


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Page last updated on June 20, 2018