2016-2017 Corporate Responsibility

Excellence in Safety and Health

Our safety, environmental and regulatory compliance (SERC) policy is a reflection of our values and our ongoing commitment to a high level of performance and reporting. It is a plan that articulates our expectations for employees, contractors, partners and all others who may be involved in our operations. Click here to view our SERC Policy.

We believe a culture of safety and continual performance improvement is achieved through hands-on workforce engagement and the active participation of employees and contractors, communities, regulators and advocacy groups. NewTrack, a custom incident management information system, is used to monitor and report our safety performance and incidents. A data analysis allows us to convey lessons learned and opportunities for improvements to our workforce, senior leadership and Board.

We host regular safety meetings and provide specialized training for our employees, contractors and emergency response teams. Positive behaviors also are reinforced through a periodic review of our SERC Management System programs and policy.


Contractor Management

Prior to awarding or renewing master services agreements, we evaluate and prequalify contractors based on safety performance and risk factors.


We currently screen 100 percent of new contractors that perform work on our field locations and track performance for more than 1,700 contractors. An independent, third-party review helps us validate and grade performance to ensure our contractors are following proper safety practices.

In 2016, more than 5,000 contractors participated in our updated contractor orientation program, which is now available online for easier access. We also hold periodic contractor expectation meetings to ensure our partners share our safe operating philosophies. 


Safety Performance

Safety is an integral part of our corporate culture and it permeates our daily actions. We use Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) as an indicator of safety performance.Rig

Because we hold our contractors to the same standards as our employees, we include their performance in our safety statistics. In 2016, we reduced both our employee and contractor TRIR for a combined TRIR safety performance improvement of 30 percent.

We introduced a new program in early 2018 designed to improve our vehicle-operated safety performance and increase the efficiencies of our fleet operations. We installed GPS tracking devices on all company-owned vehicles. The GPS technology provides real-time location, performance data and maintenance alerts that will allow us to capture and evaluate specific metrics related to organizational safety. These state-of-the-art devices also will allow us to monitor and identify what we are doing right as well as opportunities to improve the driving behaviors of our employees as needed. 

Newfield maintains a zero incident safety goal and is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of every employee, contractor and the local community.

2016 Safety Highlights

In addition to reporting through our behavioral safety program, 926 safety observations were made by our employees to identify both positive and at risk behaviors.


Daily “stop the job drills” were enacted for every shift on our Oklahoma drilling rigs to give workers an opportunity to practice safety procedures in a non-emergency.


We are committed to completing Job Safety Analyses (JSA) for each job to determine hazards, environmental impacts and safe procedures for selected jobs. By identifying the hazards and impacts associated with each step of a job, solutions can be developed to control those hazards before the task is initiated.


We also recorded 109 near miss events. Reporting unplanned events that do not result in injury or damage allows us to proactively identify risks and prevent future incidents of a similar nature.


We participated in the National Safety Council’s 2016 Safety Month and provided our employees with helpful tips on preparing for emergencies, preventing identity theft, using medications safely and avoiding distractions on the road.



Safety At A Glance




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