2017-2018 Corporate Responsibility

Well Construction and Integrity

Our wells are designed with advanced planning and engineering, applying internal peer reviews and external benchmarking. Constructed with multiple layers of high strength and impermeable steel casing and cement to protect groundwater and freshwater zones, our wells are built to last until the production phase has concluded. At this stage, the well is properly plugged and the wellsite is restored. During construction, the casing and cement are tested to ensure that well integrity is established.

We perform operational tests on 100 percent of casing strings to affirm design parameters were met during cementing. These tests may include confirmation of cement return volumes and pump rates and pressures. We also perform confirmation cement testing (temperature, cement evaluation, cement bond and ultrasonic logs) on well surface casing strings and additional casing strings as required by state regulation or on a case by case basis. One hundred percent of our wells have met the regulatory requirements for cement integrity. Because of our rigorous cement testing procedures, no well integrity events have occurred on Newfield operated wells since 2011.

We monitor well integrity from well construction to completion and production over the life of the well. Read more about our monitoring assurances.

We uphold high ethical standards and treat our shareholders, business partners and neighboring communities with integrity and respect. We play by the rules, do the right thing and allow the character of our employees to define us.


Newfield has a long record of drilling safe wells. We follow a five-step process to ensure well integrity. These steps include:

Four priorities are integrated in our well integrity program:




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