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Utah Boy Scout Leads Conservation Project on Newfield's Three Trail Reserves

Jan 30, 2017
A Utah Boy Scout on the path to earning his Eagle Scout ranking picked Newfield's Three Trail Reserves for a conservation project that included installation of 14 Waterfowl platforms.


Utah Boy Scout, Taylor Hansen, working to earn his Eagle Scout rank, organized and led a project to install 14 waterfowl nesting tubes on January 17, 2017, at Three Trails Reserve, a wildlife sanctuary owned by Newfield.

Four other boy scouts from Boy Scout Troop No. 269, along with three Newfield employees, volunteered more than 40 man hours to aid Taylor in the installation. The nests are expected to provide habitat for Mallard ducks, along with the possibility of other ducks such as canvasbacks and pintails.    

Taylor, who is 14, chose to execute the project in the freezing winter months so existing waterfowl would not be disturbed. The project entailed drilling 10-inch holes into six-inch thick ice, over about three-feet of water. Then, 10-foot metal rods were lowered into the holes and anchored four to five-feet in the ground beneath the water. Next, tube-style nests were attached to the top of the metal rods.

Taylor, along with fellow boy scouts Logan, Hunter, Wyatt and Gabe, faced the nests in a north-south direction in an effort to keep out the prevailing west wind. In addition, Taylor strategically-selected nesting sites based off aerial imagery maps which displayed suitable habitats such as vegetation and water levels. Nesting tubes were assembled and donated by the Dedicated Hunter Program and nest uprights supports were donated by Newfield. 

When asked why Newfield’s reserve was selected for the project, Taylor said the three large ponds provide a great habitat for birds and he had always noticed waterfowl on adjacent properties. Although hunting is not allowed on Three Trails Reserve, Taylor’s goal was to provide enhanced waterfowl nesting on the reserve in support of waterfowl conservation and hunting opportunities in the surrounding area. Taylor’s project reinforces Newfield’s conservation vision for Three Trails Reserve, and also supports the company’s Wild Life at Work certification through the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Since acquiring the 6,700 acres northwest of Myton, Utah, Newfield has been proactive in wildlife conservation on the Three Trails Reserve. The company has worked on invasive weed reduction and installing waterfowl platforms, osprey nests and bat boxes. As an advocate of the boy scouts hard work and dedication to enhance the habitat for local birds, Newfield plans to maintain, monitor the project area and provide data and photo updates to the boy scouts. 

A big thank you to Team Newfield for volunteering their time to help the local boy scout troop with this conservation project and Taylor with his path to earning an Eagle Scout ranking.