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Newfield Joins Environmental Partnership with Commitment to Reduce Emissions

Dec 18, 2017
The Environmental Partnership, a new environmental initiative launched by industry, initially will focus on further reducing methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions from energy production.


Collaborating with other leading oil and natural gas companies, Newfield recently signed-up for the Environmental Partnership—a new, voluntary environmental initiative focused on proactively reducing emissions from energy production.

The 26 companies who joined the partnership have agreed to share scientific information, innovations and best practices, and will be publicly accountable for the progress they make on emissions reductions. Members of the partnership are U.S. oil and natural gas companies of all sizes—majors and independents—who will collaborate to address three of the greatest sources of industry-related emissions. Participants have committed to one or more of the following programs:

  • Replace, remove or retrofit pneumatic controllers,
  • Address emissions associated with manual liquids unload,
  • Enhance detection and timely repair of leaks from natural gas and oil sources.

The partnership, which provides members with options, is based on the founding principles of taking action, learning and collaborating. Companies may utilize new, innovative technologies and implement their own programs. 

Newfield, who launched a Leak Detection and Repair Program (LDAR) several years ago, continues to improve its technologies and processes. Today, the Company fosters timely repair of leaking equipment by utilizing the latest infrared camera technology—allowing for quick and safe monitoring of all equipment. This process has helped Newfield identify equipment and other components needing repair. 

Newfield also has been a leader in the movement to replace, remove or retrofit high-bleed pneumatic controllers. The Company began to eliminate the use of high-bleed pneumatic controllers from its operations in 2009 and today is pleased to announce that these controllers have been removed entirely from its operations.


The partnership affirms the importance of collaboration across the industry. Through the Environmental Partnership website, participants will have access to videos, research papers and other educational materials that will facilitate shared learnings and provide information on new advances in technology. Member companies have committed to annual reporting that tracks progress and provides information that can help guide the partnership in the future. The first reporting will occur in early 2019.

“At Newfield, corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices have been part of our DNA since the company’s inception nearly 30 years ago. We are at the forefront in our pursuit of new technologies and processes to reduce air emissions in our operational regions. In 2016, we established a significant objective to expand our leak detection and repair program in every Newfield operating area. Voluntary engagement in the Environmental Partnership will support our efforts to achieve this goal while helping us employ new, innovative processes and technologies for continued emissions reductions,” said Lee K. Boothby, chairman, president and CEO, Newfield.

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