Owner Relations

We are committed to providing our owners with the information they need to manage their royalty, mineral or landowner interests. Our team is available to answer your inquiries related to payment and ownership. Easy access to commonly used forms, frequently asked questions and contact information is available below.

Owner Relations
Interest Owner Login
Interest owners can access Newfield’s owner relations online system by visiting this link. Here you can find check stubs, gas balancing, production statements and joint interest billing statements.


All forms may be downloaded and filled out digitally and emailed, faxed or mailed to Newfield Owner Relations after the document is recorded in the county of the well location, if applicable.

» IRS W-9

Complete the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form in order to receive interest payments throughout the year.

» Change of Address

Keep contact information current by submitting address changes or corrections.

» Direct Deposit

Set up automatic deposit of royalty funds directly into the owner’s designated bank account.

» Proof of Death and Heirship

Establish ownership and settle an estate following a family member’s death. Please select the state where the property is located.

Utah and North Dakota

Affidavits are to be filed of record. Return recorded copies to Newfield.

» Lost Check Affidavit

Replace a lost, stolen or destroyed check.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our FAQs provides information on many topics, including division orders, payments, direct deposit, statements and more.

Contact Us
Phone: 866-415-4470
Fax: 281-210-5101
Email: owner-relations@newfield.com
Mail: Newfield Exploration Company
4 Waterway Square Place Ste 100
The Woodlands, TX  77380
Attn: Land Administration

Looking for your local County Clerk's Office? Find the directory listed by state here.